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What’s a CTA and Why You Need It On Your Mortgage Website

First off… “CTA” stands for “Call To Action”.

…So what does Call To Action actually mean?

A Call To Action is a way for your website to tell a website visitor what to do next. Your website is only a fancy digital magazine without a CTA. People would browse through it, but you would never actually generate any leads without you prompting the visitor to actually give you their contact details in exchange for something else.

I’m going to show you a high-converting mortgage CTA below, but first we need to understand the different functions of a website. There are many parts of a mortgage website that need to work together in order to convert visitors into mortgage leads. Let’s break down the basics:

First… Your website needs to be found in order to get website visitors.

You can do organically through SEO practices like creating Neighborhood Pages and spending time and writing out detailed Blog Posts. Or you can pay for your mortgage website visitors through Google Adwords or Facebook.

Next… Once you actually have visitors on your mortgage website, you need to get them to contact you, or you need to somehow find a way to collect their contact information so that you can follow up with them.

That’s where a CTA comes into play.

It’s handy to have a Live Chat on your mortgage website so you can engage with website visitors, but adding a solid CTA takes your site to the next level.

So what Call To Action should you add on your mortgage website? Read on…

What's The Highest Converting Mortgage Website CTA?

A typical person won’t give you their contact details for free. It does happen from time to time, but typically you need to have a solid bribe in place to gather new lead contact information.

So if someone is browsing on a mortgage website, what do you think would be helpful for them to have?

… APPLY NOW buttons? Yes, but most people who are ready to start their application just go directly to your online application.

… CONTACT US TODAY buttons? As mentioned earlier, that could work. But typically you need to give them something in order to get their contact details.

The CTA that we found most effective is a simple DOWNLOAD OUR HOMEBUYER’S GUIDE button.

Now, you obviously need a Homebuyer’s Guide for this CTA. All of our LoanSites customers get one for free and we set this all up for our customers as part of their subscription. You may also want to talk to your company’s marketing department who may be able to provide you one.

You Now Have a Solid CTA… But Where Should You Put It On Your Mortgage Website?

I am a believer in making your CTA as accessible as possible for your website visitors. The last thing you want is for someone searching around for how they can download your content.

So I recommend adding your mortgage Call To Action in at least 3 spots:

Add Your Mortgage CTA On Your Website’s Pages:

Add Your Mortgage CTA On Your Website’s Footer So It’s Accessible On Every Page. This Also Gives A Clear Action After Reading The Page’s Content:

This Is More Advanced, But Add a Mortgage CTA as a Popup:

Is Your Website Converting Visitors Into Leads? We Will Set Up A High-Converting CTA On Your Website For You!

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