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Mortgage Banking Ads That Work!

Do you think Google Adwords For the mortgage industry work?

Honestly, Google Adwords don’t work for how most mortgage bankers use Google Ads! The traditional method has caused many mortgage bankers to fail miserably to generate any type of return on Google Adwords.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

…you login to Google Adwords and type in “Mortgage In [YOUR CITY]” as the keyword.

…you set up a bid for that keywords and set a budget.

…you realize that clicks are going to cost a lot more and none of these clicks are turning into quality leads.

…1-2 weeks later you disband Google Adwords for Mortgage leads and move on.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Today, I’m going to break down 2 copy+paste Google Adwords mortgage ads that work!

Google Ads are based an incredibly complex bidding system. And the fact remains that most mortgage keywords are completely flooded with advertisers. This means that clicks will cost you more than it will benefit you.

But don’t worry there is a workaround for this, and you can copy 2 great Google Adword mortgage campaigns below:

Google Adwords Option #1: Your Most Profitable Keyword

What’s the type of mortgage customer that converts the highest?

The ones that are already looking for you of course!

This means your most profitable mortgage keywords are going to be your name!


Let me explain:

Do you work for LeaderOne Financial? You can set up an ad for your brokers name and your city.

Look at this, there are literally zero people advertising on for this keyword:

This means that the cost for these clicks will be A LOT cheaper than “Chicago Mortgage.”

It also means that you (assuming you’re a LeaderOne originator) will have a lot higher of an opportunity to convert this internet lead.


Because these leads are already looking for your brand! They are already tied to your company.

You can also set up ads for your team’s name, your name, and brand.


Why would you do this?


Zillow, Trulia, and are all starting to do SEO for your names! That means leads that are looking for you…are going to get sucked into their systems, and potentially be sold as leads to other loan officers!

Google Adwords Option #2: Create Your Ad On A Search For Zillow

Are you ready for a keyword that’s possibly even better than the one above? This one literally lets you steal leads from Trulia and Zillow (legally, of course!).

You can set up Google Ads for Keywords like “Zillow Kansas City,” “Zillow San Deigo,” and “Trulia Dallas.”

And it doesn’t violate any copywriting laws as long as you’re just using the keywords to bid on. Just make sure you don’t use their name in your ads or landing pages, and you’re good to go!

Why would you want to do this?


Let’s look at some costs per clicks:

You can literally get clicks at 1/8th of the cost. And have 12X the traffic!

And it’s not just Kansas City…

Let’s look at San Diego:

Can you believe that traffic?

…ok what about Dallas?

Just look at the difference in search traffic and costs per clicks!

So people are obviously searching for Zillow because it is a brand that they already know. But people want to work with local experts! Placing your website on a search for Zillow essentially by-passes the middleman.

But How Do You Set Up Google Adwords?

…Ok, so I’ve shown you two really good keywords to use when setting up Google Adwords for your mortgage business.

But you need to know how you actually use Google Adwords and do this. This is especially the case if you haven’t set up Google Adwords before.

You’re in luck! Google will set up your first campaigns for FREE:

You can simply call Google and a professional will help you set up your first ad! That means, you can take these super keywords and have an expert set you up. And you don’t have to pay a dime for the setup process!

How easy is that?! You can click the button below to be directed to the Google Adwords page:


So know you’ve seen how a little bit of creative keyword research can help you reach a bigger audience at a lower cost. And you can utilize Google to setup your first ad. These two things should get you started easily and at a very low cost.

The cool thing about these ads is that all of this can happen in real time. Unlike SEO or email marketing, you’re able to start today. And start getting clicks today!

WARNING: Your Website Needs A High-Converting Call To Action Before You Start To Advertise

Setting up your Google Adwords helps get traffic to your website fast. That’s great, but it’s pointless if you don’t convert any of those visitors to leads! Does your website have an amazing Call To Action that turns website visitors into leads? If not, you need to work on that before you start advertising. I would start with setting up a Live Chat on your website so you can chat with your website visitors, and also create a high-converting opt-in on your website to capture leads.

Get Your Website Set Up With A High Converting Call To Action Today! We Build Everything For You So You Can Focus On Closing More Loans!

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