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How To Get Your First 10,000 Mortgage Website Visitors

Are you ready to do what the top 10 mortgage websites do to get visitors? We spell out exactly how to market your website like the top producers.

Why is it that over 90% of mortgage searches start online, yet the vast majority of mortgage bankers experience little to no traffic?

Simple: Mortgage Bankers have relied too long on cookie-cutter websites that are provided by their companies. They have not adapted to the common marketing practices used to get more traffic online.

The average mortgage banker has little to no emphasis placed with online leads. That is killing the industry. A real estate buyer or seller today cannot easily find their local mortgage bankers. They simply can’t. And the fault for that resides 100% with the average loan officer.

This ends today!

I’m going to outline the tactics you need to implement in your mortgage business to start seeing more success online.

The infographic below guides you through the simple steps required to get your first 10,000 mortgage website visitors. 

For example, step 1 is blogging. You can get 1 original blog per week for as little as $12.50. Why is this important? Content, like blogs and video, are why Google and social networks send you traffic. Don’t believe me?

Zillow writes 3-4 blogs per day…

Inman writes 3-5 blogs per day…

RIS Media writes 2-4 blogs per day…

They aren’t doing this because they enjoy it.

These companies are investing in content because it’s what gets traffic in the mortgage industry. They are taking your online leads because you aren’t taking them for yourself.

You really only have three options as a loan officer at this point.

1) Start marketing yourself online and reap the rewards. Unfortunately, you most likely don’t have time to close your mortgage deals AND be a full-time marketer.

– or –

2) Sign up for LoanSites and we do it for you! Spend your time doing what you do best, and let us do the marketing for you.

– or –

3) Start buying leads at a MUCH higher cost… Why pay more!?

If you’re like me, you want to own your leads and your business. So, here are the exact steps you have to take to start building your online traffic.


Let Us Get Your First 10,000 Mortgage Website Visitors For You

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