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How to Get the Reviews You Deserve On Every Social Network

We all know how powerful reviews are in today’s data driven world.

And I’m sure you ask your clients to review you on your social networks at every closing.

According to, 73% of buyers would definitely use the same mortgage banker again!

So why aren’t you getting 73% of your clients to review you online? 

Your clients are not reviewing you online for a few reasons:


  1. Reviews are complicated. Your clients don’t know exactly where to even go to review you. Sure you might tell them to “review me on Facebook”, but what about all the other social networks? And even reviews on Facebook are not that straight-forward.
  2. Your clients are not given instructions on HOW and WHERE to review you. You’d be surprised how much people like step-by-step instructions! So give it to them. You need a place where there are clear instructions on how to review you for every social network.
  3. There is no incentive to actually review you. Generally, reviews come AFTER closing. That means your work is done and they don’t need you anymore. So you need to provide an incentive for them to actually review you.

If you don’t know by now, my background is website and graphic design. So after seeing the problem of a lack of reviews, I took action.

I created a simple, beautiful review page on my website that gave a simple link to each site I want a review on. A simple approach like this is needed for a seemless review strategy.

Reviews are essential in today’s mortgage world! And it will truly boost up your online reviews that matter.

Watch my tutorial video below: