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Importance of Creating A Mortgage Fan Base

People are the lifeblood of your mortgage business. So why don’t you build a mortgage fan base? As you know, building relationships with people fosters loyalty, satisfaction and referrals. As a result, this increases your sales and profits.

An excellent way to start building relationships with people to build your mortgage fan base is with people who share similar interests is by developing a social media fan base. In this infographic, we’ll tell you how a social media fan base can make a real difference and what you can do to nurture it. Study up and master your business!


50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – most notably through Facebook and Linkedin. So build your mortgage fan base!


64% of Twitter users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. So build your mortgage fan base!


51% of Facebook users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. So build your mortgage fan base!

How To Grow Your Mortgage Fan Base on Social Media?

1.) Define Your Target Market.

Knowing who your target market is will help you collect information on what they like and what makes them tick.

2.) Get The Right Tone.

Once you understand your target market, start to talk like them, think like them, even act like them. It will help you to profect a correct tone – a way of gaining trust.

3.) Identify Which Types of Engagement are Effective.

Do not be afraid to try new things or experiment.

4.) Look at it as a Long-Term Investment.

Building a relationship takes time. Don’t expect immediate results.

5.) Keep it Real, Relevant, and Relaxed.

Don’t overdo it, don’t over think it. If you don’t like have anything releveant to post, don’t post it. While consistency is important, quality is numero uno.

6.) Create a schedule for updates.

Create a schedule and stick with it. Posting sporadically can come across as being spammy.

7.) Monitor and Measure.

Meaure the growth of your fan base. See what works and what doesn’t. Rinse and repeat.

Mortgage Fan Base

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