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Awesome Mortgage Infographs for Only $5

You need traffic!

And one of the best ways to get traffic in almost every industry, but especially mortgage, is through infographics.


  • Humans process images 60,000X faster than words.
  • 90% of the information we consume daily comes via images.
  • 46.1% of people determine a business credibility by their web design.

These are huge stats!

And mortgage bankers with infographics typically see 3X more SEO links than those without!

Basically, you’re really missing out if you don’t have these.

Here’s the problem:

Infographics can be pricey. In fact most people on Elance, will charge around $200-500 per infographic! Heck, even I will charge at least $200 for an infographic design, and that’s at a discounted price.

That’s a lot of money! So, I’ve got a solution for you: Fiverr

It only costs $5 per infographic!

You can get $5 mortgage infographics that are GREAT! Here’s the best person on Fiverr I’ve found to purchase these from:

Click HERE For The Best $5 Fiverr Infograph Designer

Watch my tutorial video below on how to get the right content for you infographs in just minutes!