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How To Get Automatic Mortgage Leads on Twitter

Are you ready for this?

…This is one of our BEST social media tips!

We’re going to show you the EASY way to get free leads from Twitter!

Although you do need to actually have a Twitter account, you don’t need to be on Twitter all day, and you don’t need to even check your Twitter account! All you need to do is read your emails and click ‘REPLY’, because this whole system does everything else for you!

Oh… and did we mention that this hack even works for other social media networks as well!? Seriously, there’s so many systems you can set up. It’s almost like having an free assistant.

The best way to learn this is to just watch us set up the system, so we created a video tutorial showing you exactly how to make Twitter work for you. This hack even works for other social media networks as well.

For the record, we’re not huge Twitter fans. We don’t post nearly as much on Twitter than we do Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for leads.

Watch the video above, or follow the steps below to set up automatic mortgage leads from Twitter:

STEP 1: Set Up Free Account at

This whole system runs through an amazing website called IFTTT.COM. All you need to do is go to and sign up for one of their FREE accounts. It’s that simple. builds out digital ‘IF this, THEN that’ systems that you can implement for your mortgage business to bring you automated mortgage leads.

STEP 2: Create New Applet

Once you have an account with, you need to click on “My Applets” in their menu bar, and then click on ‘New Applet’.

You’ll see a big, ‘IF THIS, THEN THAT’ statement that is ready for you to create. You’ll need to click on ‘IF THIS’ to choose a service. There are tens, if not hundreds of different services you can create digital automation for.

Click on TWITTER, and then choose the trigger titled, “New Tweet From Search”.

STEP 3: Add Twitter Trigger Keywords

This is where you tell to do a continuous search on Twitter for certain keywords to show up on a new tweet. You can try all sorts of different keyword combinations, but we’ve seen success with the following keyword sequence:


“Buying A House” OR

“House Search” OR

“House Hunting” AND



Just copy and paste the trigger keywords above into your “New Tweet From Search” section, and click on Create Trigger. You’ll just want to make sure that you modify the search keywords to fit your geographic area.

STEP 4: Add Automatic Email Notification

Once you have your Twitter trigger keywords set up, it’s time to tell to email you everytime those keywords are used in Twitter.

Click on “THEN THAT” to choose an action service, and search for ’email’. Then click on ‘Send Me An Email’ as your action service item.

You can then customize the email Subject and Body to what you like. I like making my email subject lines noticeable, like “NEW TWITTER LEAD!“.

Then click on ‘Create Action’ and you’re done!

That’s it!

Once you have this all set up, you’ll start to get emails automatically coming into your inbox that tell you when someone is house hunting or searching for a new home in your area. All you have to do is reply back to their tweet saying something like, “We’re the best mortgage company in [TOWN NAME]! Check out our mortgage website to see how we can help you at and enjoy the house hunting!

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