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Email Signature Trick To Get You More Mortgage Referrals

Do you want more mortgage referrals?

Of course you do!

What if you could add one simple thing to your email signature that would DRAMATICALLY boost referrals?

Well, guess what:

Today, you’re about to become unstoppable!

…because I’m about to show you how to power-up your mortgage referrals without any more work.

This one change to your email signature will get you more mortgage referrals almost instantly!


Here’s The Secret To Getting More Mortgage Referrals:

Did you know the average person sent 41 emails per day in 2014?

And that the P.S. line is the most read part of emails? Some marketers even call it the second subject line.

Well, your PS should include a link that AUTOMATICALLY writes an email referring your business.

The coolest part is that I’m going to show you exactly how to set up a pre-written email. So that when anybody click the link, the referral message is already written! This means all they have to do is enter the email address of the person they want to refer and click send.

Don’t get scared about the tech side of this…it’s super easy with the steps below:

Step 1:

Go to the email coding website by clicking HERE.

Step 2:

Add your email in the CC field.

Step 3:

Add a subject line for the email. Something like this works well: “Mortgage Introduction”

Step 4:

Add the body paragraph. Something like this works well:

Hey there,

I had a great experience working with Nick. You should meet him over coffee and discuss your mortgage transaction coming up.

Talk later,

Step 5:

Under the “Options” section, only have “random case for “mailto:” in encoded output” checked. Make sure you uncheck the other fields if they are checked.

Step 6:

Under the “Output” section, copy the “standard link” section.

Step 7:

Create a email signature in your email application. Either above or below your name, enter something like this: “PS: The biggest compliment I can receive is a referral. Click here to help your friend have a smoother mortgage transaction.” Add a hyperlink to the words, CLICK HERE, and paste in the “standard link” that you copied from Step 6.

All Done!

Now, your clients won’t have the lazy-factor in place when sending you a referral! Plus, you get the message and the referrals email address. This gives you the advantage of following up with the referral!