90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 3)

90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 3)

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61.) Develop a niche

62.) Use a tickler system to follow up

63.) Outline your day

64.) Observe the less obvious for clues

65.) Be ready to provide information now

66.) Eat a real breakfast not just coffee

67.) Be persistent, not annoying

68.) Think big

69.) Be patient

70.) Know more about what your client sells than they do

71.) Keep expanding your network

72.) Grow through your current customer base

73.) Know the objections before the presentation

74.) Don’t take it personally

75.) Be consistent in quality and performance

76.) Influence all people in the transaction

77.) Keep educating yourself

78.) Respect cultural diversity

79.) Ride the cycles

80.) Bring urgency to the sales presentation

81.) Know your competition inside and out

82.) Smile, smile, and smile

83.) Look beyond the obvious

84.) Keep your outlook positive

85.) Keep focused on the basics

86.) Remember, you’re as good as you think you are

87.) Do a “To-Do” list of 10 items per day

88.) Help others and expect nothing

89.) Ask for help. It’s out there in abundance

90.) Pray often



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