90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 3)

90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 2)

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31.) Move on when enough is enough

32.) Check out the “Tops” list

33.) Use downtime constructively

34.) Sell through service

35.) Always follow up

36.) Give first, then receive

37.) Sell through service

38.) Be hardworking and consistent everyday

39.) Identify the problem; fill the need

40.) Listen

41.) Target your clients

42.) Discouraged? Brighten yourself up!

43.) make a plan and follow it

44.) Watch and know your competition

45.) Spread the word. Become your own evangelist

46.) Make 3 calls by 9:00 am

47.) Go the extra mile with your clients

48.) Do your homework first

49.) Anticipate change

50.) Keep following up even when it seems dismal

51.) Be accountable. Take responsibility

52.) Build report first, and then sell

53.) Keep fit

54.) Use “get noticed” strategies

55.) Get in a rhythm and pick up the pace

56.) Define your value

57.) Make your days fun

58.) Practice your presentation skills

59.) Make solutions not excuses

60.) Get to know the leaders in your community



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