4 Ways Mortgage Bankers Can Improve Their Follow Up

4 Ways Mortgage Bankers Can Improve Their Follow Up

1.) Develop Deadlines

If something has to be ready by Wednesday, make the deadline 2 days earlier. Instead of meeting deadlines, shoot for beating them.

2.) Stick with 1 Calendar

Stick with 1 calendar to record all your appointments, deadlines and follow-ups. If you use a computer or phone, record all your lists and refer to it first thing in the morning.

3.) Use A To-Do List

Write out a fresh list everyday, preferably before you leave the office or before going to bed at night. You’ll rest better with details off your mind and committed to paper. Remember to refer to it first thing in the morning. Draw a line through completed tasks and move on to the next.

4.) Deliver On Promises

If you say you’ll get back to a prospect with information, always do it. Sometimes the prospect is simply testing your resolve to serve. In many cases today, the difference between creating long-term customers and losing an account is a salesperson’s ability to deliver on promises and service commitments.



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