16 New Business Sources for Mortgage Bankers (Part 2)

16 New Business Sources for Mortgage Bankers (Part 2)

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Hit a road block in your mortgage business? Not sure where to go to get new business?  You’ve come to the right place! See our 16 new business sources for realtors below. Part 2 is shown here (9-16) and Part 1 was posted last week. Feel free to come to us with any questions or comments you may have as well!

7.) Include stamped postcards asking for referrals with your thank you notes.

8.) Do regular mailings of information of interest to past and present clients.

9.) Become active in your Board of Realtors.

10.) Set up a card table at swap meets or county fairs.

11.) Offer assistance to relocating workers of certain companies.

12.) Teach mortgage at your local community college.

13.) Ask for referrals.

14.) Hand out your card to everyone.

15.) Create a power group of realtors to share ideas.

16.) Send out customer satisfaction surveys with a stamped return envelope and ask for referrals.



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