Top 10 Secrets About Generating Mortgage Buyer Leads

Top 10 Secrets About Generating Mortgage Buyer Leads!

Who doesn’t need mortgage buyer leads?

Of course, you and your team could use more!

Mortgage buyer leads are what drive almost every business. And today I have something that will make you generate mortgage buyer leads day & night. 10 of Zillow’s top secrets to mortgage buyer lead generation they don’t want you to know!

So here are 10 ways we can learn from Zillow on how generate leads!

1) Use Community Pages To Get 2-3X More Traffic From Mortgage Buyer Leads

Mortgage SEO is not dead!

Let me repeat that: Having Your Website Be On Page 1 Of Google Isn’t Impossible In Real Estate.

The key with showing up and generating mortgage buyer leads for free is through community pages.

Let’s look at Zillow:

Sure, they show up for San Diego Homes For Sale.

But they also target small searches like: “hillcrest homes for sale san diego”

Zillow knows that the money in mortgage is in local content!

Here’s how you can capitalize on this:

1) Create local pages for neighborhoods and school districts.

2) Create local content like Video Tours, Neighborhood Blog Posts, And More!


2) Add “Design Content” To Slash Tire Kickers And Find True Mortgage Buyer Leads

Close your eyes for a second…and ask yourself:

What type of buyer leads do you really want?

They are probably affluent, serious buyers, and not particularly motivated by blog content about how to save on your next mortgage. Right?

Some of the best mortgage blog ideas are those related to interior design. And Zillow knows this!

Just look at their website!

Zillow lists the home design tab on their menu!

That’s how much they stress interior design related content.

I can’t recommend enough the power of curating useful design information about your local community.


3) Add Mortgage Trends And Data To Attract Smart Real Estate Buyer Leads

Mortgage Marketing starts with being helpful.

Your competitive advantage resides in your ability to out-educate or help potential clients.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is through content about mortgage trends and data.

Look at again:

They help buyers find meaningful information about their mortgages.  You can find rates, calculate data, see trends, and compare various companies.

But this is national data. It’s not that helpful on a local level!

You can compete with Zillow by presenting them with similar information about local mortgage rates, vendors, and information.

Help them get preapproved by arming them with the data they need to make a smart decision.

You’ll instantly start getting stronger buyer leads.


4) Make It Easy With Mortgage Content Written For You

Here’s the thing:

You don’t even have to write the information about mortgages yourself!

You’ve seen my blog! It’s loaded with GREAT content! Just copy and paste the information I’ve already created. You have my permission! I just ask that you tell me you’re going to do it, and provide a link to my page. 

Use this opportunity just like Zillow does! They refer out all types of mortgage and real estate companies.  Use your blog to give mortgage related testimonials to local vendors, such as Magiera Mortgage!

You can easily double the content on your mortgage blog by having real estate vendors and agents write content for you. Your agents want their content shared, so share their info and give them a link back to their site!

5) Give To Get: Great Mortgage Buyer Leads Need Content That Helps Them

You need to establish your credibility through written blog content.

Writing helpful articles helps establish you as an authority figure.

But it also helps quality buyers find you.

Look at Zillow’s content:

They literally have forums that answer every type of question.

Here’s how you compete with Zillow: 

You can create local content that helps buyers decide where to live!

Create guides that talk about the neighborhood conditions, trends, school ratings, etc.  You can be invaluable to buyers in a way that Zillow simply can’t!

Zillow can’t create personalized content for every neighborhood!

You can create personalized content for every neighborhood you want to farm for mortgage.

6) Stalk Zillow’s Mortgage Buyer Lead Ads On Facebook

Facebook Ads For Mortgage Bankers are booming!

Think about it:


Google advertising only focuses on what people are already searching for…

Facebook ads can target the EXACT demographics that you want, and your ads will only be shown to the exact people that you specify Facebook to target.

It’s really incredible to see exactly how much information Facebook has on us! But USE that information to generate your leads!

7) Here’s How To Make Social Media Profitable

Zillow can teach you a lot about mortgage social media.

Take one look at their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile and you’ll notice one thing:

Zillow uses social media to drive traffic back to their website.


That’s it. That is all they are using social media to do.

They always include a link back to their content.


Because their website is where the lead generation happens!

Social media is where you drive traffic from.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to get more buyer leads, create useful content.

And then share it on social with a link back to your website.

8) Here’s How Zillow Gets Information From Their Mortgage Buyer Leads

Here’s the kicker:

You can get all the traffic in the world. But it won’t make you money unless you convert it.

Zillow does this in a lot of ways. But Mortgage landing pages are perhaps the best ways to convert this traffic…

You’ll want huge call to action buttons on both your blog articles and listing pages.


The more diverse calls to action you create, the higher your conversion percentage will be.

I recommend using Optin Monster as a call to action addition to your website. Let me know if you want help adding this to your site!

9) Hyper Local Pages Help SEO And Conversions

When it comes to converting great mortgage leads, an important aspect is trust.

People want to do business with the expert for them.

For example, if you had knee problems would you trust a general physician or a knee specialist.

Real Estate Farming and hyper local pages aren’t just for SEO.

If you can be seen as the hyper-local expert, people will seek you out for transactions because you are the specialist for their specific situation.

Zillow knows this. That’s why the spend so much time cultivating pages around very specific neighborhoods.

What’s the best part?

You can beat them at this game! You can take videos and write blogs about local restaurants, attractions, and more. Zillow can’t compete with you on a local level like this.

10) Capture The Whole Target Audience – Foreclosure Guides Expand Your Reach


I know it isn’t glamorous to target buyers looking for foreclosures.

But if it didn’t’ work, why would Zillow have an entire section of their website devoted to the topic?

How long would it take to create a simple Foreclosure guide for your local area?

Probably not more than 2 hours of writing.

Foreclosure business can keep you in business when things get tough.  Plus, sometimes people dealing in mortgage foreclosures are frequent buyers of mortgage.

It’s a good investment for your business to invest time into marketing to these people.



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