90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 3)

90 Ways To Get You To Your Goals (Part 1)

Part 2 will be posted next week

1.) Run your numbers

2.) Write at least 5 “Thank You” notes a day

3.) Role-play with colleagues

4.) Find good in every situation

5.) Remember: products, service, organization & personal

6.) Be the expert

7.) Deal with problems head on; don’t procrastinate

8.) Take one feature and build it up to make it look hot

9.) Sell honestly

10.) Listen to your clients talk, rather than yourself

11.) Follow their question with a question

12.) Teach clients how to sell your service

13.) Stay focused

14.) Commit yourself to increase your technical skills

15.) Partner up with your clients

16.) Find prospects for your clients

17.) Be clear in your objectives regarding your clients

18.) Work for referrals

19.) Celebrate your success and your client’s success as well

20.) Stay Fresh and ahead of the times

21.) Read, read and read some more

22.) Open your customers’ eyes

23.) Reverse roles with your client to learn more about what they do

24.) Pre-qualify your customers

25.) Add to your daily sales activies

26.) Plan your work; work your plan

27.) Review your goals on a weekly basis

28.) Concentrate on the 20%, not the 80%

29.) Prospect electronically

30.) Be an early bird. Get to the worm first



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